Visionary Painting «Sea Dragons»

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Deep under water in the uncharted edges of the ocean, wonderful creatures live. Their gaze is similar to the metallic luster of the moon, and their power is comparable to that of the worst storm. But they cannot be called monsters. Despite their frightening appearance, their hearts are filled with generosity and love for their native waves. The author of the painting is Ange Li.


Let's tell you more about the psychedelic art poster:

• all our tapestries glow in ultraviolet;

• the picture is worked out to the smallest detail;

• the drawing is handmade – this is a real picture with pastels on cardboard, which we digitized and transferred to the tapestry using the method of sublimation printing;

• suitable for hand washing, and in delicate modes can be machine washed and ironed;

• the fabric is stitched along the edges;

• a psychedelic picture on fabric can be hung on the wall using special hinges.


Available in the following sizes:

XS, compact – 75 x 53 cm (30 x 21‘’);

S, standard – 150 x 106 cm (59 x 42‘’);

M, medium – 225 x 159 cm (89 x 63‘’).


A perfect home decoration or any space for true fans of psychedelic art! Order a UV tapestry for your interior with worldwide delivery.

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