Blacklight Trippy Psychedelic Psytrance Tapestry IV

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IV – this is the first tapestry  in the author's technique, a unique technique for transferring the volume of a three-dimensional object onto a fabric! The author is Psymetrika.

A proven technology that allows you to see an effect that is stunning in its volume. Initially, it was an installation made of threads and nails using the string art technique. We photographed it in a certain way, then edited the image in a graphic program and then transferred the resulting image to the fabric using the sublimation printing method.

● Incredible picture volume, vibrant shadows and rich colors.

● Made with artificial fiber material, can be ironed and washed on delicate cycles.

● Eyelets for easy hanging at the edges of the product and the middle of the long sides in large sizes.

● Glows in ultraviolet light and looks bright and juicy in any light.

Visionary art tapestry is available in three sizes:


✔ Small: 83x47 cm (33х19’’).

✔ Medium: 83x147 cm (33x59’’).

✔ Large: 150x264 cm (60x105’’).

Make your home unique with fluorescent decor!


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