Fractal Blacklight Tapestry «Infinity Levels»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Show the trust in the universe and rely on the fact that it will arrange everything in the best way, leading you through the rainbow spectra of the worlds. You receive high-frequency impulses from space, spinning energy vortices, and at the same time you are approaching the most beautiful place in the whole galaxy - the center of your heart, where life and tranquility begin. The most beautiful Game, created by the Gods for their children, is generous with gifts and discoveries, it is only worthwhile to plunge thoughtfully into yourself and bless own way. Artist – Andrew Pronin.


Details of psychedelic backdrop:

- An attractive picture strikes the imagination with bright colors and the artist’s brilliant idea, and the fluorescent coating glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

- Magic colors have a hypnotic effect and without additional lighting;

- Modern technology of sublimated printing will allow for a long time to maintain the expressiveness of the product and protect it from burning out in the sun;

- The canvas is created from a material of special strength, due to which it is resistant to moisture, dust and gusty wind;

- Additionally equipment in the form of a tight edge of the product for durability and eyelets for simple and quick attachment to any surface;

- Used only odorless hypoallergenic materials that are safe for humans and animals,

- Perfect for decorating a place of strength and privacy, a creative studio or workshop, and at the festival will create a portal for an unforgettable journey;


Many size options:

  • M, 19 х 22 in (50 x 56 cm);

  • L, 34 х 39 in (88 x 110 cm);

  • XL, 39 х 44 in (100 x 113 cm);

  • XXL, 59 х 66 in (150 x 170 cm).


Hurry up to buy this UV wall hanging and support our artist and development of visionary art.

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