Esoteric trippy psychedelic painting «Fractal Buddha»

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Tags: psychedelic tapestry, uv backdrop, fluorescent, psychedelic backdrops, psychedelic art, trippy wallpaper

The petals of the universal lotus open, barely touching the eyelashes of the full radiance of Buddha Shakyamuni. The painting grants deep concentration and a meditative state, revealing the source of bliss and the true nature of things, raising the vibrations of life breath and giving the all-encompassing joy of being. The author of the picture is the talented artist ShivaOm.

Many sizes for better choose:

✓XS, compact: 30x30 cm, (12x12’’);

✓S, standard: 50 x 50 cm,  (20x20’’);

✓M, middle: 100 x 100 cm,  (40x40’’);

✓L, large: 150 x 150 cm, (60x60’’);

✓XL, extra large: 200 х 200 cm, (80x80’’);

✓XXL, huge: 250 х 250 cm, (100x100’’).


● sublimation printing provides uniformity of drawing a picture on fabric, which means that the image will be bright and expressive for many years;

● high quality fiber material;

● suitable for decoration of your favorite rooms and spaces;

● reliable and convenient hinges for hanging;

Hurry up to buy a trippy tapestry for room decor with worldwide delivery.

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