UV Reactive Fluorescent Tapestry “ L-hyper Space Dive”

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The fluorescent  psychedelic tapestry serves as a gateway to dimensions where the limits of possibility stretch endlessly. The artist, Andrew Pronin, with great attention to detail, showcases the richness and beauty of this unique space, exposing the fine subtleties of perception and imagination.


Description of this blacklight active meditation backdrop:

✓ The visual design expertly blends geometric shapes and psychedelic patterns, infusing each part of the fabric with its distinct energy;

✓ The tapestry shines brightly under ultraviolet, neon, and LED lights, enhancing the atmosphere in any setting;

✓ The use of sublimation printing ensures the image remains sharp and the colors vibrant for many years;

✓ The sturdy edges and loops for hanging make it easy to use and increase its durability;

✓ This tapestry will become a focal point in any space, be it a home or office.


Available sizes of visionary art tapestry:

• XS, compact – 0.4 x 0.66 m (16" x 26");

• S, standard – 0.9 x 1.5 m (35" x 59");

• M, medium – 1.5 x 2.5 m (59" x 98");

• L, large – 2.3 x 3.83 m (91" x 151");

• XL, giant – 3.0 x 5.0 m (118" x 197").


Give yourself or someone special a unique piece that will not only enhance your interior but also continue to captivate with its elegance and beauty.

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