Our world is being reborn at cosmic speeds. Technologies, rapid shifts in society and popular culture, a frantic pace of life make a person spin like a squirrel in a wheel day after day. And these evolutionary changes impact not only people, but also art, especially in its visionary style!

Visionary art is a trend of psychedelic art that has been uniting millions of people from all over the world for several centuries. In recent years its popularity has been evermore growing. At the basis of their works the masters present the images that appeared to them in states of altered consciousness, trance or meditation. And pictures painted by women-artists deserve special attention!

If men, as a rule, capture transcendental experience, extraterrestrial states in their art, then the motives of healing, unity with nature, stories about love, family, as well as magical creatures are often found in the artistic creations of women. It is a special kind of healing art that helps the contemplator, regardless of gender, find the way to his or her soft and all-accepting feminine essence.

In their works female visionary artists seem to slow down the time itself. They say to the contemplator – «Stop, look inside yourself, go back to the roots!» - calling to turn to the feminine principles and energies, forgetting about the history of ongoing battles and rivalries. They are women-warriors with tassels, bringing light and holistic natural balance. They are sent here today to remind us who we are and where we all started.

In this article we will introduce you to the female masters of visionary art who are part of the international “Fractalika” project. We have been preparing this subproject for several months, and it includes more than 15 creative girls. Their paintings can be further found in our digital store.


Yana Istoshina

Being a forest nymph of the visionary world, Yana works in the excellent digital art technique. She balances herself on two stones, harmoniously combining traditional painting and photography. Her artistic path began with photography, with nature endowing Yana with the talent for capturing unique moments in everyday life. Her pictures are filled with sensuality, subtle grace and mysterious atmosphere.

This master fills each photo with her own vision, adding missing elements with Photoshop. The main themes of her paintings are unity with nature, femininity, shamanism, inner states of consciousness, and a combination of dark and light in a person. The sides of the human “I”, women and nature, forest souls - this is what is seen in her artistic works. In her visual incarnations the author's feelings and embedded meanings are clearly tracked, with every detail being revealed in time.

«I want to create such images for people, and by their contemplation they can dive deep into harmony and find balance within themselves. I create both light and dark art forms, as there is divine beauty in both sides of our reality. Both sides have equal strengths that can be used for the good. The balance of dark and light, yin-yang, gives birth to the third state of consciousness – everything in everything, which is absolute balance and harmony. I wish this transcendental state for all living beings,» - shares Yana.


Olga Omdari

A visionary artist herself, Olga Omdari believes that the main goal of her incarnation on Earth is found in healing, which is her main creative path in this world. By making art Olga creates herself. With the help of the canvas this female artist conveys deep feelings and extraterrestrial visions, which help her know the inner and outer worlds, experience transformation of the soul and find harmony.

In her paintings Olga combines liquid acrylic abstractions with precise shapes of sacred geometry. Among her creations one can find mandalas depicting the female womb as the beginning of life, the embodiment of the inner space and deep connections with the universe. Her works are about subtle vibrations, pacification and inexhaustible feminine energy. By observing the expressive lines and cosmic combination of colors, the contemplator plunges into a deep meditative state, finding himself on the same wavelength as the creator.

«Creativity for me is one of the ways for knowing and exploring myself. In my paintings I capture images that appear to me in deep personal experiences and insights, in order to convey to the viewer the states of unity with the higher self, inner wisdom and his personal self,» - says Olga Omdari.


Anna Shabyrova

Anna is an artist who sees light everywhere and in everything. Anna Shabyrova (aka Anna Anakhata) began her career in her childhood. At a very young age she realized that she can manifest herself through art and that she wants to use it as her life path. Today Anna paints using the visionary art technique. She draws inspiration from meditation, yoga practices, travel and connecting with people, and then visualizes her experiences on the canvas.

This artist's paintings are permeated with an all-understanding and all-accepting vision. They reflect balance, feminine cosmic power, and an endless mystery of love and beauty. In her works she harmoniously combines warm and cold colors, geometric and smooth lines while adding a glow effect. These artistic techniques help the contemplator understand the author's idea and feel its states of consciousness. Streams of light energy seem to flow out of her art works.

«Having found what I love, I studied and understood how important visionary art is in the modern world, when it is filled with light and spirituality, and can harmonize people and places. These artworks are like portals of light that help a person find strength and awaken the call of the higher self,» - believes Anna Anahata.


Aglaya Samoletova

This artist comes straight from the fantasy world. By profession Aglaya is an animation film painter and an ornamentalist, but her knowledge is not limited only by her education. Aglaya fascinates the psychedelic world with a rebellious appearance and an unusual name, and is an ardent fan of modernism, graffiti and psy-art. Her creations have long been very popular at contemporary art exhibitions and music festivals.

Aglaya’s paintings are dominated by bright neon colors, and her character models seem to have just left the pages of acid fairy tales. Whether it is a maiden with the body of a bird from ancient Russian mythology or a domestic cat curled up in a ball, all of them becoming subject to Aglaya's inspiration will inevitably receive an exemplary visionary embodiment.


Anna Andreeva

Feeling beauty for Anna is like breathing and a completely natural process. This originated in her childhood when she was studying in an art school. After completing her training she put her hobbies down and started with a deep process of self-discovery. She manifested herself as a woman, a loving mother and a spouse, revealing her best inner qualities. Anna has declared war on fearful thoughts by taking up extreme sports, psychology and esotericism, all the while her inner soul continued to feel neverending and amazing beauty.

Having collected all the particles of herself, Anna felt the urge to connect all of her different facets. Her creativity helped to tie all of them together and she took up painting again. The process of drawing helped the artist find answers to her questions and share those answers with the larger world. Her works are enlivened by warm colors, fractal motives and radiance as personifications of her inner light.

«While painting I am in a state of meditation and trance. I feel immersion in myself, with the universe and source. I believe that all life is meditation. If this creative process stops, I put aside painting, live a full life in search of answers and contemplate. When I feel an answer coming from love, I return to the painting and allow this love to take me over. State of happiness and freedom is my true state with the light being fully embodied in my paintings. This is how love wants to realize and know itself,» - shares Anna Andreeva.


Natalia Arustamova

Natalia is a simple provincial girl with an incredible aspiration and a blazing fire in her eyes. For most of her life, apart from a fleeting hobby in childhood, Natalya was far from being creative. She has graduated from a business institute, worked as a waitress and hung out with programmers. Who would have thought that these geeky guys would help her further reveal her artistic talent!

Natalia has helped her friends win a grant for their educational project. She further learned to work in Photoshop from scratch and created the needed visuals for the project entirely on her own. Since then, it has become her professional craft. Today Natalia develops graphics for computer games, makes covers for books and music releases, and also draws fractal digital art. The Buddha, who is energizing the entire universe and is the embodiment of meditative states, is the main topic for her visionary artworks.

«I began to have a need to embody not only other people's commercial ideas, but also to create something that would reflect my own inner world and beauty. This is how a series of artworks called «People-Spirits», a set of mandalas and other works of sacred forms, appeared,» - says Natalia.


Elena Efimova

Elena is an artist in its classical meaning and has huge professional experience behind her. Elena studied academic drawing from childhood, then entered the university to become a graphics designer. As a student she became interested in art history, human anatomy, graphics and architecture. Her drawings are accurate in proportion and literate in structure.

Now Elena draws, as they say, for the soul. She found inspiration in the embodiment of female potential, shamanism and spiritual practices. It is these themes that find reflection in her art. In Elena's paintings most often can be found female images, motives of unity with nature and shamanism.

«My work was greatly influenced by stories of rituals, sacred plant ceremonies, connecting with nature as well as contemporary music festival culture. And even greater inspiration for me is the community of women and the discovery of women's potential through various spiritual practices,» - shares Elena.


Ira Nikolaeva

Ira is a graphics designer and an artist. In her works she combines natural drawing and digital technologies, amazing the contemplator with the symmetries of large-scale mandalas and fractals.

This artist draws ideas from nature, both external and internal. She is inspired by deep contemplative states of mind, organic forms and fractal structures.

«In creativity you can see the uniformity of the world and can translate it into pictures. Therefore contemplation of the world is a journey through the labyrinths of the universe, where everything you meet on your way is your home,» - says Ira Nikolaeva.


Nika Samarina

Nika has been fond of drawing since childhood. As a little girl she could spend hours working with pencils and paints. Her skill improved year by year, as the lines became clearer and her character models became more realistic. In her adulthood Nika decided that her art hobby could not only excite her soul, but also can bring income.

Today Nika works as a tattoo artist, and in her free time she enjoys herself in visionary painting. Many forest motives can be found in her art works, as nature is one of Nika's main sources of inspiration. In her creations one can find mysterious creatures and forest spirits from the very depths of the thicket.

«Inspiration for me comes from the sweetest things and beings. Rather, from feelings and emotions generated at the moment of interaction with this or that creature or thing. Love, nature, animals – they are all mainly responsible for this evergoing flow of inspiration to me,» - shares Nika.


Julia Tauritari

Julia is a redhead beast of the visionary art world. Her goal is to penetrate the consciousnesses of people with the help of creativity, to destroy their cliches and change their world. Julia  paints on canvas with tempera paints, painstakingly working through every detail. On average it takes about three days for Julia to draw one painting.

Julia Tauritari draws inspiration from travelling and inner states of consciousness. She never stops in one place for too long and usually hitchhikes around the world. In her work she prefers bright fiery shades, depicts sexual female images and gods of Hinduism. Each painting is imbued with powerful and raging forces.

«The modern world lives in oblivion, thinks in stereotypes, and is afraid of everything. I want to show people a different world and a different look of it, rip off all templates and frames in order to change people's minds,» - says Julia Tauritari.


Yana Tsvetkova

Being a girl from another dimension, Yana, like many artists among our list, has been painting since childhood. Her imagination even in her young years gave artistic birth to cosmic worlds, alien beings, mandalas, patterns and abstractions. Yana says that at about 14 years of age an extraterrestrial vision was revealed to her, and she began to paint what she felt in her subtle states of consciousness.

Today this artist practices meditative drawing. She goes into trance, picks up her creative tools and her hands themselves start to manifest images on the canvas. Yana believes such paintings have a transformational effect and a powerful healing power.

«Charging and rocking space, mandalas connect people with their higher selves. Thanks to the fact that my transcendental vision has been opened, I can judge its workings and conduct energy through my drawings. My inner nature now gravitates towards shamanism. I want my creativity to further conduct love, energize, heal and direct. My main intention as an artist is to provide creative healing,» - says Yana Tsvetkova.


Evgeniya Kotova

Feminine power, energy and figures are the main inspiration for Evgenia in her paintings. With the help of visionary art she reproduces the processes of rebirth, awareness and transformation in her artwork. This artist conveys deep and fleeting states of consciousness while combining well abstraction, fractal patterns and complementary colors.

Each image in her drawings tells a specific story. In them one can find a shamanic girl, an African woman with a confident look in her eyes, an elf from the fantasy world, or a woman immersed in a deep meditative state.


Nastasia Tayna

Nastasia speaks to the world without words. Her silence is her best friend, inspirer and eternal companion. Nastasia Tayna believes that words kill meaning, therefore she conducts dialogue with the help of her creative art.

This artist draws using the visionary art technique. Each image on her canvas is always different. The story plots of her art depend on what Nastasia wants to say at a particular moment. With the help of pictures, she shares her deep ideas, feelings, thoughts or insights.

«For me words have never been the symbols with which you can accurately convey meanings. Much more accurate, richer and deeper communication is possible with art or music. All I want to say is already there, in the pictures. You can convert all this into words, but they will not display even half of the information and states of consciousness that are in these paintings. Just feel at how you look at the horizon, at the starry night sky, at the flowing river, at the flame of fire - meanings will come from within, in silence,» - believes Nastasia Tayna.


Revital Chernis

An artist grew up in Israel and studied at a London school. Creativity in its various forms has been accompanying her all her life, whether it be dancing, music or painting. Several years ago Revital Chernis attention was captured by visionary psychedelic art. Since then the characteristic features of this art form can be found in each of her paintings.

Revital Chernis uses batik, acrylic and oil to create her art. She draws on fabric, paper, wood and other materials. Woman gets her ideas and images from the spiritual practices and nature. In her art creations one can find battles of the elements, explicit and hidden sides of life, as well as cycles of life and death.

It is also interesting to mention that Revital Chernis 15 years worked under Ihtianderson project - known artist-visionary, who is also part of a large family Fractalika. Together they created scenery, painted many psychedelic canvases and paintings.


Nita Kravets

Nita has a very deep passion for psychedelic art. In her drawings she combines two artistic forms – visionary and optical arts, or the art of illusion. Nita plays with contrasts, uses typical psychedelic colors, such as blue-violet, yellow-orange and green-pink-turquoise shades.

This artist depicts illusory shapes, adding fluidity, thin lines, blurry spots and glowing formations. Nita's artbrush gives birth to fabulous creatures. In her paintings you can see shining mushrooms, alien plants, many-eyed cats, winged hares and other creatures from the amazing worlds of fantasy.


Tatiana Kiselyova

Now exploring herself as an artist and an healer, Tatiana is a professional biologist, and holds a master's degree in zoology and a doctorate in entomology. She left science to devote her life for her passion to horses and to training them. In parallel she has illustrated manuscripts of entomology and traveled to Peru to study traditional practices of spiritual healing. She has received a certificate of an energy healer, and in 2009 she began to paint with acrylics.

Since then Tatiana has been learning much from nature. This artist creates her art to give tribute to the perfect nature and creatures of the planet Earth. When creating her paintings she uses natural but rich colors and adds fractal patterns. Through her works she shows the immortal power of nature and its energetic connection with all earthly inhabitants. Tatiana in her artworks often depicts animals and people in their natural environments.

«My teachings from nature and master plants take me deeper and deeper into the very heart of the living web of sacred reciprocity. I see my mission in gratitude – to release spiritual medicine from healing portals through my paintings. All life is sacred, and it is time for us to wake up, become responsible and live in awe on this planet, which is our only home. I pray that my artbrush will move with reverence. So that the spark that prompts me to paint kindles a sacred fire in those who look at my art, and inspires them to live their lives in accordance with who they really are,» - shares Tatiana Kiseleva.


Anna Adamskaya

A young digital artist who, as a child, chose computer graphics instead of pencils and paints. At the age of 12 this girl first attempted to draw using a PC and since then she has plunged herself into digital art. She even tried to master the profession of an architect at the institute, but eventually realized that art was her true and only real passion.

Anna draws beautiful mandalas as a symbol of the infinity and the cyclical nature of existence. In closed and repeating patterns she embodies natural forces and ornaments, at times adding notes of animalism or cosmic motives. She uses bright and contrasting colors to create multidimensional effects.

«I had an idea that the name of my project should bear the attributes of infinity and cyclic nature. I love symbolism, so I named the project "080" - endlessly cyclical! As a joke, I somehow interpreted "080" as a can of endless sweet condensed milk, a symbol of endless goodness», - says the artist.



Artist Polina Blayzee uses both paints and digital tools to create her paintings. Her work is inspired by the neon universe visions and the ethnic worlds of our ancestors.

This artist's paintings are characterized by avant-garde forms, intertwining bright colors and fluorescent designs. She drops off all the conventional traditions and immerses the viewer into deep shamanic, esoteric and cosmic interplays of our eternal, mysterious and much yet unknown existence.


Psyfly Art

Psyfly Art is a project by artist Anna Breaux. In her creative paintings she amazingly balances graffiti-art with fairy tale motifs and digital designs with deep sacred meanings.
Her artworks reflect different worlds, the combination of which gives birth to a new and much greater whole. They all are imbued with a fairy tale atmosphere, unconditional love and bright, warm and soothing colors.


Agne Li

This talented female artist is inspired by travelling and exploring nature in her creative visionary processes. She carefully studies the world around her, looking at trees, animals and insects and thus drawing original ideas at her evernew paintings. She is also quite fascinated by existing scientific knowledge about Cosmos, Creation theory and the mechanisms of the Universe, which are all harmoniously interwoven into her art.
Through her graphic works, Agne Li also explores religious and shamanic themes, drawing viewers' attention to the fundamental archetypes and balances between life and death.

“I find answers to my questions in the sacred geometry, which I partially use in my work. As an artist, I consider it my task to draw attention to the meanings of our origins – of who we are, what we are and what is the human soul”, –  says this artist-philosopher.


Risha AumArt

 An artist whose name translates from Greek as "World". This is reflected in her numerous works, where she seeks to convey the knowledge gained during moments of meditation and contemplation of nature and the cosmos.

On her canvases, organic matter gently intertwines with strict geometry, akin to the balance of the duality of our world. "Through my works, I attempt to express the idea that the world always remains simple despite the complexities created by our minds, and all paths ultimately lead to a single truth - self-awareness," – the artist says.

Alice Sigrid

A seductress with a designer education, an artist-stylist with extensive experience at music festivals and exclusive events, will delight our eyes with her creations and masterpieces, taking us into the depths of the subconscious and the Universe.

Presenting neo-shamanism and psychedelic tribalism at her artworks, she spreads the light of her ultraviolet glow everywhere. It is known that ultraviolet light expands consciousness, opening the crown chakra Sahasrara and granting access to Spatial vision and clairvoyance. In her works, we see the reflection and awareness of the entire Universe, from nature and gods to portals of the universe's creation.


Visionary art style is first of all an art about sensations. Different artists reflect in their creations what they feel and see around them here and now, in the moment. They embody deep gentleness despite the apparent cold brutality of the world. They show love and understanding, forgetting about minuteness and troubles.

But art, at the same time, shapes our vision of the world and reality. Observing the meanings hidden in the paintings of visionary artists, the contemplator gets the opportunity to change his inner state, understand the feminine power and become imbued with mystical qualities.


Autor – Anastasia Karamysheva

Translation into English – Pavel Yakovlev