Each of us, of course, wants to diversify the environment of their stay. In particular, if personal transformations occur periodically in altered states of consciousness in any space. It is important that the environment was hospitable, unobtrusive for us, and also created a positive atmosphere at the time of staying in it. Of course, to get extreme sensations, you can try to enter altered states of consciousness and under adverse conditions, but still it is much easier and more productively all such processes take place in a comfortable environment. In order for the place in which you constantly stay, you have a positive association, it should be adapted to your desires and needs. This can be done, for example, by decorating the room with mandalas, elements of sacred geometry, symbols relevant to you, and it is also possible to significantly modify the space by hanging one or two (or more, depending on its size) fluorescent canvas. 

UV reactive wall-hangings are used both in the design of home interiors and in the decoration of chillout spaces such as tea houses, yoga studios, retreat centers, as well as club parties, trance festivals and other psychedelic trance events. Competent point placement of objects decor can change the space beyond recognition!