There are various sizes of psychedelic tapestries: ranging from the size of a small poster 50x70 cm, to maximum sizes 3x7 m, 2x2 m, 3x3 m and more. The size of the paintings depends only on the technological capabilities and imagination of the artist. 


By the method of applying the image there are the following types of fluorescent tapestries: 

- tapestries painted with batik; 

- tapestries, painted with acrylic paint; 

- tapestries, in the manufacture of which the image is applied by screen printing; 

- tapestries, in the manufacture of which the image is applied by sublimation printing; 


A little dwell on each of the types of paintings. 


1. Tapestries painted with batik. Disadvantages and advantages: each of these canvases is made by hand, while, as a rule, the paint is applied using an airbrush that allows you to achieve smooth transitions and get a different color palette. Among the shortcomings, there is a lack of detailed image detail that becomes not very noticeable when you see a psy backdrop of a large size in front of you. 


2. Tapestries painted with acrylic paint. Disadvantages and advantages: the advantages are the same as in canvases painted with batik, but the drawing is applied with a brush, while sometimes quite thick layer, so when you try to fold the canvas, the paint can crack, which will negatively affect the appearance of your psychedelic artifact. Also, under thermal or atmospheric effects, the paint layers may deteriorate, which ultimately will lead to complete wear of the backdrop. 


3. Tapestries, in the manufacture of which the image is applied by screen printing. Silk-screen printing is a method of printing on fabric, in which the image is directly transferred using a stencil. What does this give? The brightness and clarity of the picture, but the image is as if rubberized. This is relevant if we put a pattern on a t-shirt and bag, which allows us to increase the wear and durability of the image, but at the same time the detail and color rendition suffers. 


4. Tapestries, in the manufacture of which the image is applied by sublimation printing. For artistic purposes, this method is the most relevant because it allows you to achieve high clarity, contrast, detail, get a wide palette of colors and at the same time protect the drawing from the weather - the wall-hangings becomes unaffected by heat (that is, they can be ironed) and exposed to water ( they can be washed, but neatly, using delicate modes and means for dark or colored things). 


Despite the fact that in daylight fluorescent paintings themselves look very impressive, rich and bright, they do not glow at night by themselves, but they look most interesting and impressive with an external light source. Highlights can be used when using LED ultraviolet strips, neon lamps, but the most high-quality and bright will be the backlight with a special UV lamp (the so-called blacklight lamps). You can read more about UV lamps here.


Where to buy UV reactive wall-hangings. 


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