The Fractalika project is not just a store, it is an association of creative people of different orientations. But the foundation on which existence is based is, of course, the artists. We want to introduce you to the masters of visionary art and tell a little about each of the artists with whom we collaborate.


Ahankara Art

«A man, a freelancer, a web developer and an artist»  says the artist himself.

Adherents of noble truths will see guiding threads and sources of inspiration in his work, the uninitiated will sooner begin to believe that his works can express hostility. But all these judgments are relative, because they can only reveal a little about the author, but they cannot tell who he is.

Looking for himself, Ahankara spent quite a lot of time asking himself eternal questions, and each time there was quite a lot of obscurity. Only one thing is undeniable: the feelings that people experience, emotions, their happiness - all this is like a wave in his understanding. A wave that can express much more than many meaningful words about anything. And the visual embodiment of these waves into reality is what really inspires the artist. The whole philosophy of artistic thought lies in the cycle of transformations from birth to birth, from door to door, from wave to wave...

Soon a new project is coming to an end, on which Ahankara is now anxiously working, and new multidimensional waves of omniscience will be drenched with healing moisture. So that you can catch your wave.


Hakan Hisim

Having been practicing art since childhood, Hakan Hisim focused on fantastic topics and attempts to convey their essence. Thanks to his parents, the artist grew up in an atmosphere of awe and deep appreciation for all forms of art. After spending most of his childhood in Australia and youth in Turkey, he was lucky enough to experience both eastern and western modalities, which allowed him to see a more balanced view of cultures around the world.

Studying art and cinema, he came to the conclusion that specialized education tends to stifle creativity, being the embodiment of ideological processing. It was at this time that the process of its separation from the modern understanding of “high art” began, and already in 2012, Hakan Hisim completely switched to digital instruments.

Deeply inspired by the organic technologies of nature, ancient mythologies, syncretism, altered states of consciousness, Hakan Hisim began to study mystical traditions, alchemy and esoteric concepts. Playing with shapes, geometry and symmetry, the story of his visions comes to life, and the realization of an idea can take from 2 hours to more than 100 hours of continuous work. A truly amazing and painstaking process.


Andrei Verner

Andrei Verner was born and raised in Moscow, starting his artistic journey as soon as he learned to hold a pencil - at about the age of 2 years. Until the age of 18, Andrei was a self-taught artist, and then 6 years received a professional education at a university in the capital, studying drawing, painting, sculpture, typography and graphic design.

In 2009, a year after graduation, Andrei began his digital life as a nomad, having moved to Thailand with his girlfriend (now his wife) for 5 months, inspired by the bright colors of nature. Over the next years he was engaged in graphic design projects and occasionally made sketches. A little later, he became a full-time freelance illustrator: working with psytrance producers and labels allowed him to create album covers.

As an ambitious artist, Andrei created a collection of personal psychedelic art projects, printing them with UV-reactive ink so that fans could decorate their space with his art.

Now Andrei Verner lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He still works as a freelance artist and has now begun creating stage sets for underground HiTech Trance events in Israel. We hope that we too will soon be able to appreciate and acquire his new work.



Anahart began to draw from childhood, and he took his choice of profession thoroughly. Behind his shoulders is an art school, an art-aesthetic class of a gymnasium and an art-graphic faculty “Vocational training. Design". Three whales that formed a powerful base for creative work. The scope of his self-realization is quite extensive: Anahart paints in watercolors, oils and acrylics, also is engaged in airbrushing, graffiti and digital painting, fashion design.

But it was precisely in fluorescent art that showed interest during a walk along the Andriyivskyy Descent in Kiev in 2010. There, in the basement opposite the Bulgakov’s house, a wonderful shop with a wide variety of nice little things, from earrings and ringlets to t-shirts and canvases, was illuminated with ultraviolet lamps. Everything shone with bright lights. What he saw so much delighted and inspired him that Anahart certainly acquired a memorable souvenir - a T-shirt with a fluor effect. It all started with this: experiments with fluorescent inks and the search for information on printing onto fabrics. He even independently assembled his first sublimation printer from an ordinary Epson inkjet and began to print on T-shirts at home, armed with a simple iron. The main thing would be desire and ingenuity, and opportunities will appear.



Ihtianderson began his career as an artist in 2005, engaging in party decorations with a psychedelic musical direction. Today his team arranges the spaces of the largest festivals in the world and holds master classes (Ozora and Visionarium Art Festival), develops its clubwear brand, and is engaged in graphic design and airbrushing.

Ihtianderson himself positions his work as visionary art. They are able to open the doors to other dimensions, to the worlds of the subconscious, expressing that which is unknown to the eye, revealing inexplicable spaces and objects. Everyone has visions, and they play a very important role for humanity, since the subconscious mind is directly connected with the collective consciousness - the information field, where there are answers to any questions. Therefore, this direction plays a very important role in the development of contemporary art and humanity as a whole.

Ihtianderson does not have an art education, which was never a hindrance - he simply painted without knowing the limitations and cliches. Soon he began to be invited as an art teacher. It would seem that this requires basic knowledge and techniques, but he is absolutely sure that creative impulses come from a feeling heart, and it can tell what and how to implement. University standards are able to suppress the identity and originality of style.

For the visual embodiment, Ihtianderson applies the principles of sacred geometry and symbolism, adding ethnic styles of various nationalities and cultures. Gathering his knowledge bit by bit from books and the Internet, having spent a couple of months at the Tanki school in Nepal (Tibetan canonical icon painting), Ihtianderson continues to explore the world and art through communication and co-creation with other artists and private teachers. That is why it became possible for him to independently conduct courses in 2017 and 2019 at the Vienna Academy of Vigeonari Art, and become one of the teachers at Future Media Academy.


Andrew Pronin

From childhood, Andrew loved to draw, but for some time in the bustle of days this hobby was forgotten. Creative vocation again reminded of itself after the first trans-party in his life, at which he became acquainted with fluorescent art. The luminous cosmic worlds so bewitched and inspired him that he decided to independently try to create spaces, plots and worlds with their amazing inhabitants.

Andrew draws what he is experiencing at the moment, that which is deeply felt by him personally, that he is carried away by his thought today. In fact, his work is an imprint of the internal state, which found expression in the canvas. In the paintings, Andrew tries to convey the transcendental delight and euphoria from the contemplation of cosmic worlds and spaces, a sense of a living touch of universal principles and the foundations of life. The self-luminous effect of fluorescent colors gives volume to the paintings and the viewer creates a sense of presence in the center of these worlds, involvement in what is happening and a living experience of co-participation. And so the effect of universal unity and stay in the moment here and now is achieved.



The essence of Andrei’s creativity is that it helps to see the harmony of the Universe and to realize its involvement in the co-creation of everything that happens. Expressing itself through art, creating beautiful things, beauty begins to fill the space around the creator.

Interest in creativity arose from simple drawing in early childhood. Subsequently, the universe began to reduce it with creative personalities, meetings with which more and more fully revealed artistic skills and abilities. The desire to comprehensively know the world opened up new sources of inspiration to Andrey and gave him extensive experience. Most of all he likes to draw with his hands with the help of various tools and techniques, also with the help of Digital art.

Currently, Andrei Artrama is engaged in the design of spaces and is working on the creation of three-dimensional figures and crafts from different materials.

Andrei has enough creative potential both for playing various musical instruments and for creating electronic music. He is also interested in extreme sports, yoga, oriental combat practices. He is especially pleased with travels; he brings many colorful photographs from trips to cities and countries.

«My Home is the planet Earth, and all the borders on it are only in the heads of people. For me, there are no nationalities, except one - earthling. All people are equal and must help each other. I’m sure that in the future humanity will unite and find a way to live in harmony with nature», Andrei is sure. And we hope that it will be so.


Shiva Om

Since 2012, Andrei Averin aka ShivaOm began to create works of art in the style of Digital & Visionary shamanic art. Having received good reviews, together with his friend and musician partner Sergei Grigoriadi, he releases the first Shiva Om Art clothing collection and presents it to the world. 2015 began for him with his personal project - UV art prints and Symmetry Vision.

Dimension symmetry is a separate niche in the world of Digital & Visionary Art, it shows the layered structure of the universe and directs the viewer's consciousness to its center. Inspired by the work of other artists, as well as his many-sided personal experience, Andrei creates his digital painting in the style of “Symmetry of Measurements”.

Each picture is a powerful energy message. It is filled with vibrations of each level through which the viewer passes. The picture, as a vehicle, opens up access to energy and a special state of mind, into which the viewer finds himself, simply contemplating. The symmetry of measurements is the center, the portal of vibrational waves. Not everyone will be able to go through this funnel, but those who can restore perception will appreciate the influence and effect of this unique art form, trying to understand the unity of all things, accept reality, and change their understanding. Because what we see depends on how we look from the inside.



The project is presented by Bogdan Dyachkov, who for several years has been engaged in a string type of fine art called psychedelic string art. Starting from the basics, gradually, in addition to home paintings, Bogdan began to make decor for events and organize master classes.

The artist is passionate about this path, since it computes the computational - geometric side and the figuratively creative one. That is, science and art are intertwined, the rational and irrational parts of the brain.



The Luminokaya art project was formed as a result of the artist's irresistible craving for the creative expression of the sensory perception of the world around him, for realizing his potential, and the divine calling to share inspiration with others. The source of inspiration for him is sacred geometry, the principles of the golden ratio, fractal textures and an intuitive understanding of the world.

Luminokaya was born in Russia and currently lives in India, enriches her spiritual inner world and creates magical works of art.

The artist creates amazing in its complexity, detailed digital paintings, looking at which your consciousness disconnects from reality and goes on a wonderful visual journey.

The project includes not only psychedelic paintings with deep meaning, but also stunning design of premises, festival spaces and other events.



Gydravlik is a digital artist, motion designer and DJ. Creativity has been pervading his entire life, and now he is developing a new artistic visionary genre – Cryptogeometry Art.
This new innovative concept art is based on sacred geometry, divine and magical symbolism, and trippy fantasy worlds. His paintings are monochrome and usually have only black and white colors.
Gydravlik’s method of drawing creates a therapeutic and consciousness-expanding effect while also providing a deeply meditative and hypnotic experience to the viewer.


Vladimir Kamchits

In his creative journey, the painter is learning about himself first and foremost. Art for him is a winding road to awareness, balancing on detachment and oblivion. However, Vladimir believes that on any path it is not the final goal that is important, but the meaningfulness and understanding of each moment.
Vladimir Kamchits paints with acrylic on canvas, turning careless pencil sketches into great visionary masterpieces. In each of his paintings you will find geometric symmetry, filled with amazing story lines and recognizable animalistic images.


Alex Aliume

This young visionary artist of Russian-Ukrainian descent always felt that he had come to this Planet with a certain mission. But this realization came only at his tender age of 23. He particularly had a psychedelic dream where paints were pouring down directly from the sky and oozed under his skin.
Alex had been drawing for only a couple of years, but in spite of that his paintings had already become famous around the world. Now the artist lives in the USA and owns his own gallery. His art can be divided into two categories – explicable images and graphic abstraction. Through the abundant use of color, lines and sacred geometry, each picture seems to be at least four-dimensional. The image also seems to change or complement when you look at it in daylight, ultraviolet, 3D glasses or in the dark.
 Alex himself says his work is coded with messages from the Cosmos. He paints his drawings after having his own unique spiritual insights, trying to catch and feel the correct signals of the universe in order to transfer them onto the canvas. At the same time, he considers his paintings are not teaching new and only remind of something that already exists within us.



This artist's digital paintings open up parallel worlds to the beholder, where an entire new mystery takes place behind each seemingly closed door. TNXO's creativity is particularly distinguishable by his color choices, which are very unique for each painting. He believes that art is “the least evil" he can inflict into our Earth world.

In each artwork TNXO introduces a certain plot and a deep meaning, which one can further discover and understand by looking into the specific keys and details left by him in his paintings.


Each of the artists has his own unique style of work, vision and each of them presents it differently. Visionary psychedelic art is a rather diverse genre, and we are extremely pleased to have different views on other worlds in the form of artists' works.


Autor: Tatyana Chekmareva and Anastasia Karamysheva

Translation: Pavel Yakovlev