Have you ever put together a UV-glowing mosaic puzzle? It's time to try it! As promised, now we are introducing another amazing fluorescent product to our store.

We tried putting it together ourselves and, we must admit, it was not easy. However, this new sensation can be compared to a deep and profound meditation as you get completely immersed into the process. Several hours thus pass very quickly. When our first luminous mosaic was finally assembled, we were so overwhelmed by its mental and emotional effects that we decided to produce 15 different new versions of it to the market at once.

Our new luminous mosaics have:
   ✓ original psychedelic pictures from our visionary artists;
   ✓ bright and saturated colors in daylight;
   ✓ glow in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
   ✓ unique as we are the first in the world to start producing UV mosaics;
   ✓ different levels of difficulty with simpler and more complex pictures available;
   ✓ regular size 42x30 centimeters;
   ✓ have 300 parts;
   ✓ made of durable cardboard with a glossy effec;
   ✓ stored in a glowing tieble textile bag with a fully overprinted image of the mosaic on it.

Such puzzles will definitely not be overlooked by your friends or at a party. If you bring this mosaic as a holiday gift, your recipient will surely be impressed by it up to his or her highest Sahasrara chakra!

Different variants of our mosaic puzzles can be viewed here. And in this video you can see the process of assembling a magically glowing mosaic.

And here is a little lifehack for our customers! The assembled mosaic can be further turned into an original art decor for your interior. To do this, you need to fix it appropriately. The key here is not to do this with scotch tape as dust will get under it, the details will be deformed, and in general it will not look very aesthetically pleasing. Here we present you with a better proven method.

You will need:

  • a sheet of cardboard or fiberboard, which will be used for assembling the mosaic on it,
  • another sheet of fiberboard or plexiglass a little larger than the mosaic itself, which will serve as a base for the decoration,
  • flat brush or sponge,
  • glue (there is a special one for puzzles).

So, your future art set is ready and you have the puzzle pieces laid out! First assemble it on a sheet of cardboard or fiberboard. When the mosaic is finished, lean the second base against it and quickly turn it over. Now you will see the back side of the mosaic. Pour some glue on it and level it with a brush or a sponge, carefully passing through all the joints and connections. Then leave it for 2-3 hours as the glue will dry and fix the parts securely. After that, boldly turn the mosaic over.

To further make an impressive decoration, your glued mosaic should be attached to a wooden base, plexiglass or another fiberboard, put into a frame with fasteners and hung on the wall.

You will be sure to notice the mind-healing meditative effect of assembling our mosaics. Scientists have long proven that putting together such puzzles is useful for people of all ages. It helps to develop fine motor skills, visual memory, logical thinking, promotes the formation of new neural connections and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Assembling a mosaic is also beneficial on a spiritual level - during this process, one drops unneeded thoughts and concentrates on beautiful visionary art, a meditative process in itself. And the mosaic’s magical UV-glow further adds to the consciousness's healing and mind expanding effects.

Click on this link to see all the options for glowing puzzles. You can order fluorescent mosaic with worldwide delivery! Become the owner of a unique psychedelic artifact.

Have a nice trip ॐ