Fractalika loves participating in cool and awesome parties!

What can be better than a stimulating interplay of lights and shadows, awesome music and wild dancing, new friends and your close and pleasant companions? Only all of this together and enlivened by amazing visionary psychedelic art! With music we subtly feel the spiritual world, open ourselves to new mystical experiences, and thereafter the accordingly beautiful visuals uplift us to new levels of bliss and ecstasy.

We strive to enrich our life with vivid memorable events, experience great moods and increase positive vibrations. Accordingly Fractalika enjoys these moments of freedom and wholeness by gathering in places where all energies are constantly overflowing together and into each other! Places where one can reach into entire new levels of the self and social interactions and make new discoveries.

In the following post we will tell you about all the amazing events that our team has participated in 2021.

By the way, here you can read more about the Fractalika team.



Axioma / 13.03.2021 / Lovely Loft / Moscow

Axioma is a particularly special level of a high quality indoor party, which was in itself a fantastic immersion into the otherworldly dimensions of bliss and ecstasy.

Just imagine two entire floors of spectacular space decorated with psychedelic paintings and canopies, projection lights and fractal artwork. Neon lights and ultraviolet illumination were breathing life into every molecule of macro- and microcosm, creating fantastic images and visions. And thus we wanted nothing else, just to contemplate and continue dancing and catching rhythms of our amazed hearts.

Ecstatic performances and colorful actors, stunning light shows and an art gallery of magical fluorescent paintings were silently telling their own stories, and their input made reality twist into a phantasmagoric kaleidoscope. Our  inner energy levels rose higher and higher and formed a unified vibrational multidimensional configuration.

Two stages with soundrich psybass and psytechno, multilayered psytrance, furious drum&bass and delightful psychill successfully operated for true music connoisseurs. Deeply shaking the entire party, a 10 kilowatt sound system worked on the main stage for 12 hours! Crushing vibrations of electronic musical instruments, talented musicians and DJs swept away stress and grinded the fatigue into powder, as we danced the entire party in one breath.

Fantastic, right?

Fractalika independently organized this well respected musical event. Preparations for such a major party took us a whole month. We looked for a club, selected decorations, thought over the lighting and sound, planned the arrangement of the entire space, so it was all magical and stunning and at the same time functional. This delightful and soulful party was a great success, becoming a breath of intoxicating joy and happiness in the midst of our hectic and  grayish everyday lives.



ChillOutPlanet One Day in Moscow / 30.05.2021 / Berezy Park

Over 2000 fans of beautiful intellectual music gathered together under the one sky. Famous DJs, cult projects and amazing musicians prepared for the visitors a rich and juicy cocktail of powerful multi-genre music. This cool event was supported by Mudra Music and  Aerodance.

As the weather forecast for that day gave us a storm warning, participants and guests of the festival were expecting both rain and hurricane. However, the weather once again showed its changeable benevolent nature and decided to please everyone with sunshine and warmth, welcoming the beginning of the upcoming radiant summer!

ChillOutPlanet by itself is a holiday event  for absolutely everyone to find their own microclimate.

This art and music festival included three conceptual dancefloors, which were all distinguished by appropriate and well-selected soundrich content. The program further consisted of various cultural and entertainment events for visitors of all ages, and there was even a special playground for small children!

From 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. the festival was overblown with a variety of visuals, cool artists with amazing performances and unforgettable shows. Masterful dances, juggling, fire and other tricks, meeting old and making new friends – all of this turned us into one big friendly loving family.

On this unforgettable day Fractalika decorated the entire space with fluorescent paintings and enriched the atmosphere of the festival with a special visionary flavor. Accordingly we put together a colorful art gallery of psychedelic paintings. Also there was a stunning marketplace where everyone could buy the various psychedelic art they liked.

There were so many happy faces with sincere smiles and joyful eyes as it was truly an invaluable and very loving experience for everyone. We will definitely participate in this festival again!



Anatman Festival / 12-14.06.2021

Extreme explosion of emotions!

This adventure began with a challenge by heavy rain in Moscow, when it was very hard to make out even where the road was! But when we got to the location the sun was already shining and kindly warming and enveloping everyone. A safe and friendly atmosphere instantly made everyone feel at home, with the homeplace being the size of an entire forest.

The Fractalika team, which at this time consisted mostly of cool and very hot girls, did a lot – a shop and a gallery of psychedelic paintings, decorations and clothes. The forest market was created in collaboration with artists' products and overall it was a wild and uniquely interesting experience.

Doing such large-scale work is a test of strength, especially in moments when at times our hands fall down. Against the backdrop of general relaxation and fun, these contrasting states gave  even more importance to what was going on around us, and we were once more overblown with gratitude and peaceful inner calmness.

The entire Anatman festival was very heartwarming and we met “our kind” of people everywhere. The atmosphere of freedom and unity encouraged and enlightened everyone from within. A friendly camaraderie, warm tea ceremonies, funny and awkward moments, cozy evenings in the limelight and vegetarian burgers in the main house – all of these events were intertwined into an amazing pattern of one eternal moment in the Here and Now. DJ Psykovsky particularly put out a lot of dancefloor heat and resonant energies to everyone, leaving no one indifferent or lost!

We brought back a lot of insightful impressions and cool pictures which will be kept by us in our special memory bank.

We are very grateful to everyone who helped our team, bought something or just came to visit – you all are the best of the best!



Boho Bazar / 06.06.2021 / "Space" at the Flacon

We opened the 2021 summer season with a special colorful exhibition in the Flacon art gallery.

Boho Bazaar was created by the artworks of designers and craftsmen of various skills and trades. Among them were psychedelic paintings, fractalic portals and volumetric mandalas done in the string art technique, fractal works of oracle, decorative panels of wood and projection lamps. And all of it was glowing and shining fabulously!

Fractalika loves participating in preparing and making the coolest events! Traditionally, we organized an art gallery there and a market with visionary fluorescent paintings and all the necessary UV-lighting.

The coolest place of the Boho Bazaar was the special room with 3D glasses, which allowed its visitors to immerse themselves in the endless stories of our paintings and feel their presence in every visionary artwork. Particularly unforgettable experiences were presented to visitors by our maestro of fantastic worlds’ creation artist Andrey Pronin.



BK Festival / 9-13.07.2021

BK Festival is a private party gathering, where tickets can be purchased only by friends and their friends. Thus it creates a tight and cozy circle of people where everyone knows each other. That's the way this festival has always been!

We have been going to this festival steadily since 2013. The peculiar experiences and original insights, the wacky fun and three dance floors of cool music, that's what brings us back year after year. Six days in the forest, full self-sufficient camping, a friendly environment – what could be merrier to our hearts!

Our psychedelic store with its surrealist paintings and boho decor, clothing and jewelry constantly drew visitors during the day, and at night it shimmered brightly with luminous colors like a distant cosmic station.

Despite the stunning atmosphere, the universe still threw us a few unpleasant surprises by giving us a survival test. The heat, scorching sands, and vicious horse flies were omnipresent. We got stuck many times on the way out as we managed to drive back just over 1.5 kilometers in 3 hours. Different people were helping us to get out, digging our car out of the sand, pushing and encouraging us so hard that eventually we broke the car bumper, can you even imagine that? A real life adventure, though a bit over-exhausting!

Nevertheless, these events only made our Fractalica survival team better, proving that together we are much stronger more than separately from each other.



Skazka Festival / 12-14.08.2021


Undoubtedly, it was the brightest event of the year, which needs no introductions!

It is a meeting place for friends from different cities, new interesting acquaintances, a unique happy refuge from the graish sludge of everyday life and fussy movements. It is a place of strength, healing and restoration of all human energetic bodies. There is everything you need for a happy life and fulfillment of your destinies in just one place.

We created a wonderful store in the market zone as we brought there many colorful canvases and cool decor, ladies’ jewelry and stylish clothes.

Lots of scenes, lots of people, lots of impressions! Such an emotional wave of excitement and extraordinary experiences managed to put a bit of a strain on us, as organizing our Fractalika shop took a lot of effort and energy from us.

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in this largest and most amazing event, and we look forward to seeing you all there next year!



Axioma Beekeeper Birthday / 27.08.2021

At this event we we took a small part to organize a great open air rave in honor of one of our teammate’s birthdays.

Luckily great weather contributed greatly to our already excellent moods. A picturesque location on the bank of a beautiful river and wonderful scenery, company and joyful meetings – everything was just fantastic!

Two dance locations with first-class sound content from excellent musicians, brilliant mapping and insanely expressive visual backgrounds with canvases created an exceptional festival atmosphere. We want to give out a special respect for the “banya”(sauna) under the shade of the oaks as it was just what everyone needed to improve their wellbeing and sync up with their huge inner potentials and nature.

All in all, the smiles never left our faces, the guests were happier than ever, and we all had a great time.



M-Day / 05.09.2021 / Berezy Park / Moscow

Our Fractalika team met at the beginning of autumn in a picturesque park on the bank of the Strogino Gulf, happily celebrating there Moscow City Day. Many exciting surprises, spectacular programs, the best sound systems, long-awaited meetings and new acquaintances left the most pleasant memories in our hearts. In the circle of old and new friends we enjoyed the sun and the coolness of the lake, and breathed in the last fragrances of the soon-to-be-over summer.

The event was held during the day and had everything we needed – a “Tundra” market, art exhibitions, children's playground, water sports, food cafes and bars with spicy mulled wine. This colorful autumn festival was supported by Aerodance  and Chillout Planet.

We brought there a lot of psychedelic paintings, canvases and fluorescent decor from our most talented and world-renowned Russian artists for the shop and art gallery and thus created an ambience of relaxation and a state of flow for the most sophisticated of viewers, adding visionary aesthetics and elegance to this holiday event.

The day was filled with the most positive emotions and vibrations, passed through brightly and will be forever imprinted in our and everyone’s party memory.



Axioma Phoenix / 11/27/2021

Our most recent event was the Axioma Phoenix – a super private party ampong our very own people.

For several hours before the Fractalika team carefully hung canvases and decorated the dancefloor with special care and utmost pleasure.

Three stages of top-notch music swirled into a whirlwind of infinity, and powerful substances of spectacular visual effects initiated an ecstatic cosmic transformation for everyone. This is just what we managed to create all together. The guests were ecstatic, and thus we were unspeakably happy too!

Axioma Phoenix is the final alchemical ingredient that opens the new gates to sensory perception and inspiration, allowing one to feel being born again.



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We`ll be insanely happy to meet you at cool parties to rock, dance and have great fun together!


The author of the article: Tatiana Chekmareva. Translation into English: Pavel Yakovlev.