Fluorescent psychedelic UV reactive festival tapestry Cosmic Temple

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The unity of the Universe is represented in the cosmic mandala, showing us the integrity and the infinity of everything that exists. In this wheel of samsara, the cycle of life never ceases. Our universe is represented in each of the smallest particles and represents an alien temple, piercing its light all that exists. The canvas was created with the collaboration of two artists: Ahankara Art Art and Andrey Verner, contemplation will allow you to get an incredible visual experience.

About the production technology:

● printing on high-quality dense material;

● the fabric can be ironed and washed;

● special hanging loops;

● amazing luminosity in UV rays.

Size options:

✔S, small: 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inches);

✔M, compact: 100 x 100 cm (40 x 40 inches);

✔L, large: 150 x 150 cm (60 x 60 inches);

✔ XL, huge: 200 х 200 cm (80 x 80 inches);

✔ XXL , giant: 250 х 250 cm (100 x 100 inches);

✔ XXXL, immense: 300 x 300 cm (120 x 120 inches);

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