Psychedelic UV Reactive Tapestry Shiva Nataraj

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This tapestry invites you into the marvelous world of the great god Shiva, embodying the cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The author of this artwork, conveys the grandeur and mystique of this ancient symbol in every detail. Artwork by Alice Sigrid.


Description of the tapestry:

  • Each detail of the fabric is infused with mystical energy and symbolism.
  • The tapestry glows under ultraviolet, neon, and LED lighting.
  • The use of sublimation printing on the fabric ensures high-quality imagery, preserving the brightness and clarity of the design for a long time.
  • The edges of the fabric are stitched, providing additional durability, while special loops facilitate hanging.
  • This tapestry will be a magnificent addition to any interior. There are three size options:


  • XS, compact – 60 x 75 cm (24 x 30”);
  • S, standard – 120 x 150 cm (47 x 5”);
  • M, medium – 150 x 190 cm (59 x 75”).


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