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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

The subtle energies of creation and creativity align with the cosmos and free the souls. In this stream you do not feel either body fatigue or mental tension, but only a free and wonderful flight of consciousness, intuitive insights and limitless possibilities. So the Universe expresses itself through you, glorifying life and leaving to the descendants a great and unique heritage for phenomenal internal discoveries. The canvas is charged with the power of inspiration and creative impulse, and is a mystical source, from which the muses dance and where dazzled bliss dwells. Made by the artist Andrew Pronin.


Details of the artwork:

- The tapestry with a stunning fluorescent coating, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

- The deep saturation and contrast of colors awakens creative skills and hypersensitive perception, even in ordinary lighting;

- The latest technology of sublimated printing contributes to the longevity of the product, because the colors will always remain the same bright, and they are not afraid of sunlight or washing;

- The material, unique in strength, has stable properties to various mechanical influences, therefore the product will not receive any damage either from gusts of wind, or at high humidity;

- The border of the product has an auxiliary fabric border for additional strength, and is also equipped with eyelets for convenient fixing on any selected surface;

- Simplicity and ease in caring for a fabric picture;

- Used environmentally friendly materials and paints that are safe for humans and animals;

- Perfect for decorating a place of inspiration and a creative studio, and at the festival it will emphasize your creative personality;

Any option to choose from:

  • S, compact: 17 х 23,6 in (43 x 60 cm);

  • М, large: 43 х 59 in (110 x 150 cm);

  • L, huge: 59 х 80 in (150 x 205 cm).

You can buy this UV active tapestry with worldwide delivery.

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