Psychedelic Lamp of Sacred Geometry "Mandala Black Power" night light

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The anthracite polyhedron shimmers with all the colors of the universe. The constellations of the mandala blossom, melting deep within themselves and symbolizing the universe. For your home, this is a sacred amulet that charges success and luck in all endeavors. And the material of the lamp - wood, will bring you even closer to the state of unity with nature. This is a whole message to the world about unconditional love, and staying in its rays - in the rays of a lamp, is a unique way to find harmony.


Choose any artifact to your liking:

S: 17x17x17 cm (6,7``x6,7``x6,7``);

M: 25x25x25 cm (9,8``х9,8``х9,8``);

L: 32x32x32 cm (12,6``х12,6``х12,6``).

Wide range:


- control from the phone (application for Android and IOS);

- 16 million shades of RGB;

- A magnificent sound dance - a change of colors to the music;

- More than 20 built-in kaleidoscope programs;

- It is possible to connect up to 7 lamps at the same time;

- The presence of a timer function delayed inclusion;

- Power and USB charging.


- Management on the case;

- 16 million shades of RGB;

- More than 20 built-in color representation programs;

- Power and USB charging.


- Nice warm light for the eyes;

- Economical power consumption;

- Power and USB charging.


For all lamps in the LED, RGB and Smart configuration, you can additionally select the built-in battery function with autonomous operation up to 14 hours.

Hurry to order for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones a unique night lamp with worldwire delivery!

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