Psychedelic wall hanging uv décor «Polar Shaman»

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Wandering spirit hermit travels among the mountain peaks. He goes into a trance, listening to the voice of nature. Polar shaman endowed with the wisdom of the silent and willing to share it with everyone who is able to take this experience. Author - Nika Samarina.


Fluorescent uv backdrop properties:

  • deep colors, elaborate details;

  • glows in neon, UV and LED;

  • stunning colors even in daylight;

  • eco-friendly fabric, safe paints;

  • fabric sewn around the edges;

  • can be hung on the wall with hinges;

  • suitable for washing and ironing on a delicate cycle.



  • XS, compact – 84 x 100 cm / 33 х 39’’;

  • S, standard – 150 x 125 cm / 59 х 49’’).


An experienced shaman will guide you into your transpersonal state. There is delivery all over the world! 


Have a nice trip ॐ

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