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Psychedelic Travel Pillow "Cheshir Cat"

  • $40.98
  • Product Code: Cheshir Cat travel pillow
  • Availability: In Stock

Road trips become even more comfortable! The pillow is perfect for long and not very trips, camping, it will make you feel rested and sleepy, wherever you are. The Cheshire cat will make you a pleasant company, gently take it by the shoulders, and purrs its wonderful tales in your ear. It will be a terrific gift for those who love a mobile lifestyle and outdoor recreation.


More on the Psychedelic Travel Pillow:

  • made of high quality material - velor, which is known for its velvet softness and pleasant to touch pile;
  • pillow filler consists of polyester fibers, which for a long time will provide “airiness” and softness of the cloud;
  • hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials;
  • the pattern glows effectively in ultraviolet and neon;
  • can be washed and ironed, but we recommend that you use delicate modes;
  • universal size:  38*30 сm / 15,2*12’’.


Hurry up to order a unique psychedelic trippy travel neck pillow for your comfort and pleasure!


Worldwide delivery with tracking.

Have a nice trip!

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