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UV active psychedelic backdrop "Jungle Snake"

Product Code: Jungle Snake
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Price: $45.23
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UV active psychedelic backdrop "Jungle Snake"

The snake is an ambivalent sacred symbol, and when properly used symbolizes the rise of energy. Remaining in pure vibrations, you will draw into your reality only all that is most necessary for you. A snake is a watchdog of esoteric knowledge, which it can only reveal to a single-minded seeker. Artist - unrivaled Andrei Verner.

Several sizes for a better choice:

✔ S, small: 70x50 cm (28 x 20 inches);

✔ M, middle: 100 x140 cm (40 x 56 inches);

✔ L, big: 150 x 210 cm (60 x 84 inches);

✔ XL, massive: 200 x 280 cm (80 x 112 inches);

✔ XXL, hefty: 250 x 350 cm (100 x 140 inches) ;

✔ XXXL, monster: 300 x 420 cm (120 x 168 inches).

Other interesting details:

✔ It glows gently in the ultraviolet rays;

✔ bright and saturated colors In the daylight ;

✔ excellent detailing of all small drawing elements;

✔ high-quality, pixel-free printing;

✔ hinges for hanging;

✔ you can wash and iron.

Hurry to order this forest mystical tapesrty!

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