UV LED Lamp «Flynet-8» (Green)

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Exquisite lamp from Psychometrica will become the most stylish and bright object of your interior. A double-layer weaving technology is used, which allows you to notice that the pattern can change, and special threads and highlights provide a soft glow. Add a touch of boho style to your space.


More about blacklight lamp:

• size: 17 x 20 x 25 cm / 6.7 х 8 х 10”;

• socle E27;

• 180 cm / 71”  black wire with European plug and switch (for buyers from the USA, we put an adapter);

• 26 w lamp, 5000 light hours;

• two-layer weaving pattern;

• each product is the result of painstaking manual work of the master;

• the frame is made of metal twigs, painted with black paint;

• threads of German production;

• a powerful UV lamp illuminates both the lampshade and the fluorescent elements around it;

• a lampshade made of threads can be connected to any lamp with an E27 base;

• careful use.


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