Yoga Room Deco Tapestry «Floating Mandala»

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The lotus flower floats with the flow, dispelling the outer vanity with its serenity. He is the personification of purification and spiritual growth. Place this artifact in your home. Mandala in the interior will create a favorable atmosphere at home, clearing your space from external negative vibrations. Created by Revital Chernis.


More about the mandala-backdrop:

• glows in UV;

• the image is hand-drawn with acrylic on canvas, then digitized and transferred to the fabric by sublimation printing;

• if you look closely, you can see the artist's brush strokes;

• the fabric is sewn along the edges, there are loops for hanging the backdrop on the wall;

• if dirty, the product can be washed and ironed (delicately).


Dimensions of tapestry with mandala:

XS, compact – 50 x 53 cm (20 x 21‘’);

S, standard – 100 x 103 cm (39 x 41‘’);

M, medium – 150 x 153 cm (59 x 60‘’).


Order this visionary painting for your interior or as a gift for a loved one for a holiday! And we will deliver the package all over the world!

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