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Flyurnaya picture for meditation «Betelgeuse Bay»

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When a person plunges into transcendental states, his consciousness can penetrate into other dimensions. At this moment, energy flows connect with the mind of the universe, which directs the psychonaut on a mysterious journey through the hidden worlds. At the exit, the traveler receives a psychedelic experience that stimulates awakening and awareness. Author Luminokaya.


Glowing canvas characteristics:

  • optical techniques create a multidimensional effect;

  • deep and rich colors, elaborate details;

  • glow of the picture with neon, LED and UV;

  • stitched edges of the canvas;

  • there are loops for hanging;

  • in a gentle mode, you can wash and iron;

  • eco-fabric and hypoallergenic paints.



  • XS, compact – 63 x 75 cm / 25 х 29’’;

  • S, standard – 120 x 100 cm / 47 х 39’’;

  • M, impressive – 168 х 200 сm / 67 x 80’’.


A multidimensional blacklight active picture will show you the way to your true destiny.


Have a nice trip ॐ

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