Psychedelic trippy glowing wall art «Pan»

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The harbinger of great joy Pan has a unique ear for music and a sense of beauty. His home is the valleys and groves of Arcadia, where charming nymphs have fun. The deity rules over the blooming forces of wildlife and dreams. The author of the painting is Luminokaya.


Properties flyurnogo tapestry:

  • rich colors and incredible detail;

  • magic glow in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • sublimation printing on dense eco-fabric;

  • you can wash and iron in delicate modes;

  • fixed to the wall with hinges.


Size options:

  • XS, compact – 58 x 70 cm / 23 х 27’’;

  • S, standard – 71 x 100 cm  / 28 х 39’’;

  • M, medium – 125 x 175 cm / 49 х 69’’;

  • L, large – 200 x 143 cm / 79 х 56’’.


A unique blacklight artwork tapestry will fill the space with a magical green glow and become a bright decoration for your place of power, home or studio.


Have a nice trip ॐ

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