Trippy blacklight tapestry «Universal Transmissions - Bio-Energetic Vortexes 1 Muladhara Chakra»

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The first chakra from which everything begins is Mulahadra. Through it, vital energy flows from the earth into the pranic body, passes through the channels - nadis, and then permeates the rest of the energy centers. The base chakra is associated with the basic needs and instincts. First of all, this is safety, nutrition and reproduction of offspring. To feel good, a person needs to develop on a spiritual level, otherwise energy will be consumed only at low frequencies. The painting was painted by the artist Hakan Hisim.


Features of the fluor cloth:

  • rich colors and carefully crafted details;

  • glow effect with neon, ultraviolet and LED;

  • there are hinges to hang the canvas on the wall;

  • the fabric is stitched along the edges;

  • can be washed on a delicate cycle and ironed at low temperatures.


Available in the following sizes:

  • XS, compact – 60 x 80 cm / 24 х 31’’;

  • S, standard – 150 x 112 cm / 59 х 44’’;

  • M, medium – 200 x 150 cm / 79 х 59’’;

  • L, big – 225 х 300 см / 90 х 120’’.


To order this esoteric canvas means to allow your body to be filled with pure energies and high vibrations. There is delivery all over the world.


Have a nice trip ॐ

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