Psychedelic UV Visionary Art «Translinguistic Equation»

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Most of the surrounding reality that is available to our eyes is created from what we see and how we feel. Chaotic streams enter our consciousness and form a single picture. But this area of knowledge is just a speck in the ocean of reality. The author of the work is the artist Hakan Hisim.


Fluoric picture properties:

  • rich colors and clear drawing;

  • sublimation printing on eco-friendly fabric;

  • the picture with a fluor effect glows in neon, ultraviolet and LED;

  • there are loops for hanging;

  • can be washed in a delicate mode, paints will not fade or crack;

  • tapestry is sewn around the edges.


Available in three sizes:

  • XS, compact – 50 x 50 cm / 20 х 20’’;

  • S, standard – 100 x 100 cm / 39 х 39’’;

  • M, medium – 150 x 150 cm / 59 х 59’’.


Treat yourself to the purchase of a unique fluorescent canvas!


Have a nice trip ॐ

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