Mandala Wall Clock “Spiral Fractal”

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Be out of time, place and space. Let the fractal pattern of the universe penetrate deep into your consciousness, and you will feel that everything that exists is connected by a strong thread.


More about fractal clocks:

• silent mechanism and smooth running - you can follow the passage of time without being distracted by the ticking of the hands;

• hypoallergenic and safe materials;

• decorative elements and the back are made of birch plywood, and the plane of the watch is made of crystal polymer glass;

• easy to clean - can be wiped with a damp cloth;

• work from an AA battery;

• there are attachments for hanging.


Dimensions of interior clocks:

✓ S, standard, - 30 cm in diameter (12’’);

✓ M, medium, - 50 cm in diameter (20’’).


Order a unique handmade psychedelic watch and start looking at time in a new way! Worldwide shipping available.

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