Warm Fleece Double Sided Poncho «Green Mandala»

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The Green Mandala fleece shamanic poncho is a magnificent way to connect with nature and freedom. Its reversible design and print, which are true works of art, are present on both the front and back, giving the Green Mandala poncho a unique appearance. Infused with the spirit of nature and freedom, it creates a sense of warmth and comfort, making it perfect for walks in the forest or cozy evenings by the campfire. Immerse yourself in the amazing world of nature and free your soul with the Green Mandala poncho, which will provide you with a feeling of coziness, tranquility, and harmony with the surrounding world. The design and artwork are created by the talented artist Risha OMart.


Find out more about the elven abstract poncho:


✓ Glows in the dark under UV lighting, creating an impressive effect;

✓ Bright and vibrant colors of the poncho retain their brightness both during the day and in the dark under UV light;

✓ Reversible print allows you to enjoy different designs and styles in one garment;

✓ Dear friend, please note that the pattern of the reverse side is presented in assortment and is sent according to the availability in the warehouse. The picture on the reverse side will be a surprise for you :)

✓ Comfortable and spacious gnome-style hood provides additional protection and comfort;

✓ The poncho is equipped with two pockets: a large spacious kangaroo pocket and a mini pocket for small items;

✓ Made of high-quality soft fleece that is pleasant to the touch, ensuring comfort and warmth;

✓ Utilizes high-quality pixel-free sublimation printing, preserving the brightness and detail of the design;

✓ The poncho can be washed and ironed, but it is recommended to use a delicate cycle to maintain its quality and brightness;

✓ One size fits all - unisex: the length from the neckline to the hem of the garment is 100-120 cm (39-47 inches), and the length from the hood to the end of the sleeve is 75 cm (30 inches).


Don't delay, buy your unique bohemian fractal poncho today and indulge yourself or your loved ones! It can be shipped worldwide.

ॐ Have a nice trip!

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