Cosmic psychedelic wall hanging «Star Birth»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

A portal to another dimension, which opens only in front of the most persistent psychedelic travelers. Entering parallel reality through it, you will find out all the answers to your questions and come to new awareness. An impressive masterpiece of psychedelic art can be yours! Artist Andrei Verner.


We can make this artwork in the following sizes:

✔S: 50 x 100 cm (20 x 40‘’);

✔M: 100 x 200 cm (40 x 80‘’);

✔L: 150 х 300 cm (60 х 120‘’);

✔XL: 200 х 400 cm (80 x 160’’);

✔XXL: 500 х 250 cm (200 х 100’’);


✔XXXL: 600 х 300 cm (240 х 120’’).


Details about the backdrop:

• the image is applied to the fabric using the technique of sublimation;

• the pattern glows in ultraviolet and neon;

• loops in the corners;

• material - durable and high-quality fabric made of artificial fiber;

• washable, suitable for use in open spaces;

Hurry to please yourself or your friends, buy this amazing visual artifact!

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