Mandala Yoga Tapestry «Flower of Space Energy»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

A gift of the universe - a flower of cosmic energy, which returns your gaze to the Truth, from which we are constantly led away by temptations. Let your soul be filled with the subtle energies of an amazing and magnificent world, into which we have come for joy and happiness. Slowed down to enjoy the beauty of the world, bring good to develop, and then your soul will blossom, revealing your destiny. Artwork by Andrew Pronin.

More about UV reactive backdrop:

- The rich colors and the supernatural fluro-effect of the canvas delight with contrasts and harmonious details;

- Glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED-lamps;

- Even without special lighting, the petals come to life and capture on an exciting journey;

- The printing method is distinguished by the modernity of the method (sublimation) and environmental friendliness: the inks remain bright for a long time, and the materials are completely harmless and odorless;

- The product is resistant to various weather conditions, therefore it will not fade in the sun and will not fade from dust or washings, it also easily transfers moisture and gusty wind;

- Particularly strong fabric with reinforced edges will allow for a long time to maintain the integrity of the product;

- There are convenient eyelets for fixing on different frames and surfaces;

- An inspiring guide in meditation;

- Perfectly fit into any space and transform the interior or camp on the campsite;

Few sizes:

  • S, 17,7 х 17,7 in (45 x 45 cm);
  • M, 39 х 39 in (100 x 100 cm);
  • L, 59 х 59 in (150 x 150 cm);

This awesome psychedelic artifact can be yours, hurry to buy this trippy wall hanging with worldwide delivery!

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