Trippy psychedelic backdrop «Hanuman»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

Sit down, a tired traveler, under the crown of the sacred tree of India - banyan tree. It was under him that the Hindu sages sat in search of enlightenment. It is believed that Gods and spirits live in his foliage, and the pacified energy of being flows along its branches. It symbolizes a long life and is the embodiment of the divine creator of Brahma. The colorful picture is striking in the variety of details and plots, and the fates of all the characters are woven into a single canvas of events, creating reality, as the Creator had planned. Artist Andrei Verner.



- Fluorescence pattern, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

- Impressively bright and rich in normal lighting;

- Dense eco-fabric, for reliability there are reinforced edges of the product; it will retain its original appearance after washing and after a long exposure to the sun, it will also withstand rain and strong wind;

- Modern printing technology using non-toxic materials, because the product is odorless and does not cause allergies;

- Thoughtful to the smallest detail drawing, full reproduction of the image on the fabric;

- The reinforced edges of the canvas and the presence of eyelets will allow you to conveniently take with you on trips and easily attach to any frames;

- Will create a great mood indoors, in the fresh air, and during the design of the scene will not let you get bored;

Few sizes:

✔S, standart: 50x100 cm/20x40‘’

✔M, medium: 100x200 cm/40x80‘’

✔L, big: 150х300 cm/60х120‘’

✔XL, impressive: 200х400 cm/80x160’’

✔XXL, hefty: 500х250 cm/200х100’’

✔XXXL, giant: 600х300 cm/240х120’’

We invite you to buy this psychedelic wall art in your favorite size and thus support our artists and the development of art.

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