Trippy Blacklight Active Backdrop «Vajraforming»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

The vajra will lead through the halls and labyrinths of the mind that conceal the mysterious beauty of millennia. A bright and unforgettable journey through interdimensional tunnels and curved corridors of the inner spiritual world will allow you to let go of the bustle of everyday life and enjoy the pristine peace of mind. And then you will hear the answers that your blood rustles barely audibly, and you will find the answers that your consciousness is fraught with. Artwork by Andrew Pronin.


About the tapestry:

- Extraordinarily striking colors shine in ultraviolet, neon and LED lamps thanks to a fluorescent coating;

- Fantastically bright colors, even in the absence of the necessary lighting, stun the imagination and give a stunning visual effect;

- The composition thought over to the smallest stroke allows each time to discover something new;

- The latest technology of sublimation printing allows for decades to preserve the colors of the picture in pristine condition;

- Durable fabric with reinforced edges allows you to maintain shape and will not let you down at the festival, even with gusty winds;

- There are convenient mounts for hanging on any surface;

- The fabric and the pattern do not fade in the sun, just as easily tolerate moisture and dust;

- Resistance to washing;

- Environmentally friendly materials are odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic;

- Great for various interior solutions and thoughtful thoughts, highlight at the festival;

Wide size range:

  • S, 15 х 23 in (40 x 60 cm);
  • M, 39 х 59 in (100 x 150 cm);
  • L, 59 х 98 in (150 x 228 cm);

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