Psychedelic trippy tapestry UV «Cthulhu»

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Tags: psychedelic, uv, fluorescent, backdrop, decoration

The sensible and judicious of all the gloomy deities waited in the wings - with the onset of darkness, illuminated only by a pale moon, the Pacific Ocean retreated, exposing its refuge. He has no reason for hostility or causeless rage, he only wants to protect his possessions and carefully explore the new world. Although, who knows? .. The complex artistic space of an epic painting with an unknown outcome will be the perfect complement to the interior for those who like to independently interpret the meaning of what is happening. Created by Andrei Verner.



- Effectively glows with a UV lamp, neon and LED;

- Amazing palette, looks great and without specific highlighting;

- Extra strong eco-friendly fabric, resistant to various deformations and weather conditions;

- Thanks to modern printing technology with a high degree of fixation, the ink will not fade in the sun, will not fade from washing, will withstand rain and snow;

- There are eyelets and additional stitching of the edges of the canvas for additional insurance against violation of the integrity of the product;

- The seal is not toxic, does not cause allergies, has no smell;

- Stunningly masterfully executed sketch, thoughtful plot;

- Without troubles, you can take with you to nature, a picnic or a festival, the product is unpretentious in care;

Can be ordered in the following size options:

✔S, standart: 100x56 cm/40x22‘’

✔M, medium: 150x85 cm/60x33‘’

✔L, big: 200х113 cm/80х44‘’

✔XL, impressive: 251х142 cm/100x55’’

Hurry to buy and please yourself and loved ones with such a unique unusual gift as a psytrance backdrop.

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