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Fluorescent mushroom tapesrty neon art "Wise Mushroom"

Product Code: Wise Mushroom
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Price: $45.23
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Fluorescent mushroom tapesrty neon art "Wise Mushroom"

An amazing tapestry "Wise Mushroom" from one of the best psychedelic artists of the planet Ahankara Art. A wise giant mushroom is a counselor for all time. He will protect you from the dangers on the way and will tell you how best to proceed.

Tapesrty is available in 3 sizes:

✔S, compact: 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30 inches);

✔M, middle: 1 x 1.5 meters (40 x 60 inches);

✔L, large: 1.5 x 2.25 meters(60 x 90 inches);

✔XL, huge: 2 х 3 meters (80 x 120 inches);

✔XXL, impressive: 3 х 4.5 meters (120 x 180 inches).

☑ fluorescent printing on high-quality thick fabric;

☑ very bright colors in daylight and magical glow in the ultraviolet;

☑ anchorages for hanging at corners;

☑ the cloth can be washed and ironed in delicate mode;

This backdrop will perfectly fit into the thematic interior or become a cool and impressive gift.


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