Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry «Fairy Mushrooms»

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A long journey led Alice to a fairyland. A soft grass carpet spread before her feet. She walked on and saw a staircase lined with giant glowing mushrooms. But who's up there? The mysterious beast waved its lush tail and swept up the steps, leaving an azure watery trail behind it. The author of the fabulous illustration Psy Fly.


Spiritual art characteristics:

• magic glow in UV;

• the graffiti is hand-painted, using acrylic on the wall (reproduction, transferred to the fabric by sublimation printing);

• suitable for washing and ironing in delicate modes;

• the fabric is stitched along the edges, there are loops for hanging on the wall.


There are sizes:

XS, compact – 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20‘’);

S, standard – 100 x 100 cm (39 x 39‘’);

M, medium – 150 x 150 cm (59 x 59‘’);

L, large – 200 x 200 cm (79 x 79‘’).


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