Spiritual glow in the dark poster «Power of twin flame»

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Trippy tapestry  about a deep, soulful connection between two souls, as ancient as the Universe itself. From this unity, unconditional acceptance, total support and endless love are born. This path will lead you to true self-knowledge and transcendental enlightenment. The author of the picture is Nastasia Tayna.


Unique qualities of a fluorescent tapestry :

  • intensely glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;

  • the image is a reproduction of a real painting by the artist, digitized in high format for printing on fabric; pay attention to the smallest strokes and brush strokes by the artist; ВЂ in daylight and ordinary lighting, the depth of the plot and unusually delightful colors are mesmerizing;

  • sublimation printing guarantees high quality of the product, i.e. the image will not be covered with cracks and will calmly withstand the sun's rays (it will not fade);

  • dense and durable eco-fabric and odorless paints are completely safe;

  • the edge of the product is additionally stitched and there are eyelets for hanging;

  • amazingly suitable for interior decoration and decoration of various spaces, especially sacred places of power, creative workshops, places for spiritual practices, as well as festival spaces, exhibitions and parties.


Several sizes available:

  • S, standard: 70 x 49 cm / 27,5 х 19”;

  • M, medium: 70 x 100 cm / 27,5 х 39”.


Take the first step towards finding your twin flame - order an extraordinary psychedelic tapestry ! Or, thus, maintain your highly spiritual relationship with your soulmate.


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