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Bohemian psychedelic LED lamp "Metatron Cube" night light

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  • Product Code: Metatron Cube
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The lamp-night lamp acquired impeccable forms and began to sparkle with new colors. The harmony of sacred geometry and a touch of Steam-punk stylistics will reveal the laws and mechanisms of the universe, and the healing light will energize to achieve goals, create coziness in your soul and form a pure intention.

It is possible to order at choice:
М: 25х25х25 сm (9.8``x9,8``x9,8``);
L: 32х32х32 сm (12,6``x12,6``x12,6``).

Modifications of Dodecahedron Series room lights:

- 16 million shades of RGB;
- Mobile regulation from the application on Android and IOS;
- Synchronization of light with music;
- More than 20 built-in lighting configurations;
- Ability to sequentially connect 7 fixtures at once;
- Built-in clock with a timer;
- Battery independent for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.

- Local control of the modes on the product body;
- 16 million shades of RGB;
- More than 20 built-in programs;
- Standalone battery for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.

- LED lamp muted white;
- Low power consumption;
- Standalone battery for 14 hours;
- Power and USB charging.

- Warm lamp light;
- Color contrast adjuster;
- Food from 220 Volts;
- 15 W lamp in the headset.

All lamps are carved in wood.

The option of a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 14 hours of battery life is available on all LED, RGB, and Smart luminaires; you can select this function by adding the item to your cart.

Hurry up to enjoy the unique night lamp with worldwide delivery!

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